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Image by Árpád Czapp

Personas in Wine Tourism
Drawing reccomendations for Future Concepts in Massimago

CONTEXT- Massimago is a group of wine production and tourism in different locations in Veneto. The estate is nestled in the valley of Mezzane, in the most hidden part of Valpolicella. Owned by the Cracco family since 1883, it was renovated and relaunched as Winery and Wine Relais, in 2003. Over the past 15 years it has been rising among other wineries as a company with a clear identity. Massimago derives linguistically from Maximum Agium, the Latin words which mean maximum level of well-being.

They need to create a synergic system of the group to take more tourists to the winery from Verona and Padova and create innovative experiences. So the main activity of the initial exploration was to create and visualise together the complete wine tourism services and products. Observe and self-experience each of the service offer in order to evidence clear touch-points and map customer journeys with personas that visit Massimago. Evidencing pain points, creating concepts for new experiences and recommendations through simple prototypes (for ex. totem for customer satisfaction) as well as implementing innovative ways to engage customers during Vinitaly.

DEVELOP & IMPLEMENT- Customer journeys gave us clear evidence of gaps and opportunities, such us: content enhancements, customization of the experience package and simplify process to book and anticipation of tourists preferences. Some recommendations where given to create experience packages following concepts and italian lifestyle (Padova-history, Verona-Elegance and Romanticism, Valpolicella-Nature and Enogastronomy). Ideas to design a pre-experience in Verona and Padova to engage tourists and motivate them to visit the winery (for ex. giving life to the characters that appear on the wine labels to create a different level of involvement and activate interest and curiosity). Further reccomendations were important such as inlcuding techology elements to enhance customer experiences during the tour (for ex. software for tactile sensation such as ‘weart’). Organize events in Signorvino, Verona to gain visibility. Create network and participate to Best of Wine Tourism (GWCGN).

-Verona, Italy-

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