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Innovation in the wine/agro productive chain

CONTEXT- Wine is a real product system and is not by chance that we often speak of the wine productive chain, meaning the latter not only as a linear process but as a complex system of relationships and activities with contents and values that should contribute in a coherent and effective way to the life of the product. The relationship with the territory, with the specific skills, from agronomy to oenology, with its culture and history, the landscape, the architecture, design and communication, events and hospitality may seem sometimes obvious but not always analyzed and enhanced effectively. Within the wine production process, technology is a fundamental component but most of the times neglected in storytelling where craftmanship and tradition are preferred, like in a opposition between value and nonvalue. This kind of cultural censorship entails difficulties for producers of technology in this industry and deserves analysis without prejudices that enable the spread and evolution of all those technologies that can guarantee the excellence of the product and the process, as well as environmental and social respect.

CONCEPT- Through the main issues we found out that there was a lack of direct conexion between suppliers, producers and territory. Other problem that arose was that workers were not always well trained and the need to strenghten the identity of their territory. So, how could we deal to manage the communication between the main stakeholders and to train the operators that will use their products/services? Intertwine is a startup that enable agricultural companies to connect with each other (geolocated) and to train their operators in a simple and friendly way. The main channel is a B2B platform that enables stakeholders to connect, creating a network between suppliers and producers within the same location to exchange products and services in a trasparent way. An important touch-point is the organization of events and training workshops with the collaboration of the main partner, the unfair advantage of this model, that provides Intertwine with the knowledge of the context where this service exchange is done. The platform has also an e-commerce of second hand machinery.

-Piacenza, Italia-

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