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Winery design sessions
Human-centered design in Bodega Atamisque

PROTOTYPE- It was conducted a small workshop with a group of tourists in Atamisque boutique winery. After the whole visit to the vineyards, winery, production process, tanks and lab, we went to the cellar as the last touch-point, to taste all their products. It was a relaxed environment, where we could chat about their experience in Mendoza, lyfestyle and motivations. As a Service Designer, I prepared an exercise of sensorial experience, based on a HCD tool. At the beginning everyone thought it was for wine tasting notes, but I told them I wanted them to describe me their experience, by their different senses, during the visit in Atamisque. With the aim of thinking beyond the cellar door and wine tasting. We all shared the single results of how they felt about the experience, we talked about each sense and the strongest touch-point related to it in the winery’s customer journey. We identified and reviewed the whole visit in terms of senses and created a sensorial journey for Atamisque winery giving further recommendations.

RESULTS- Further reccomendations were done by the users such as involving another kind of levels in the experience, more sensorial enhancements specially while they are tasting wine, like food pairing and more interaction. From the winery point of view it was imporant to have user’s feedback as they don’t usually ask for customer satisfaction after the visit. Moreover, following up their customer’s experience to identify positive word of mouth and visualize strenghts and weaknesses on their offer.

The analysis of this holistic experience offered by Bodega Atamisque seeks out for improvements on the wine tourism services having as main challenge the stages of gathering and disseminating costumer  satisfaction alongside the touchpoints of the wine tour experience.

-Mendoza, Argentina-

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