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Brand Design for a Winery in Langa

ABOUT- Mèttola is a winery owned by the Bera and Mèttola families. Their great-great-grandparents were already winemakers: many of the current vineyards and the 'old' cellar date back to their time, what's more, wine was one of the main 'food' of people who worked the land as they needed a product that relieves the hard work in the vineyards. In the 60's Italy's transformation from an agricultural country (50% of the active population were employed in agriculture) to an industrial country (only 3% of farmers) has emptied the Italian countryside and the Langa.

The new generation of the Bera and Mèttola families are now betting on healthy viticulture and winemaking quality, based on an intelligent and rational use of technology reducing the use of chemicals. As Flavio Bera, the winemaker, says: 'The wine we sell to our customers is the same that I drink and so does my son Edoardo.'

DESIGN PROCESS- After sharing a whole day with the main actors of the winery, just before vintage, we took part of their activities while working in the cellar and discovered the territory. Together we brainstormed, set the main considerations about trends, inspirations and competitors. We collaborated during a fast exercise with wine capsules by playing with typology and setting color directions as well as materials for labels. I started presenting 3 options of logo with different combinations according to brief specifications, and labels, respectively for a family of 3 'Moscato' wines. As I received feedback and iterate, I wanted to make sure that the brand identity visuals  were powerful enough to reflect the main company values: tradition, quality and transparency, through a simple but effective message.

-Treiso, Italia-

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